Dr. Parish Sedghizadeh – a new approach to medical research: crowdfunding

Dr. Parish Sedghizadeh discussed the “funding crunch” for medical research that is leading many institutions to reach out to the public for funding. It currently involves the Keck School of Medicine, the Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and the Department of Chemistry at USC, to perform pharmacometric, pharamacogenomic and pharamacodynamic investigations, to look at:

• Where the drugs go in the body;
• How much of the drug goes to these areas;
• What’€™s the difference in drug distribution in patients who show the adverse side effects, as opposed to those who are symptom-free;
• Whether there has to be a certain amount of drug in the jawbone to cause symptoms to appear;
• How long the patient has been taking the antiresorptive drugs;
• Whether they take them orally or intravenously;
• The size and ethnicity of the patient (smaller Asian women seem particularly vulnerable, according to Dr. Sedghizadeh).



Video and Content Credit: David LaFontaine