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Community Health Planning

Hybrid-Online Competency Based Training

Neurogenic Based Oral and Facial Pains

Muscle Relaxants

Epidemiology of Oral Diseases in Older Adults

Introduction to General and Systemic Pathology

Customized Electronic Chart to Improve Teaching and Care in Orofacial Pain

Accuracy of Online Symptom Checker on Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine Disease

Virtual Patient System for Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine

Modifying UML Diagrams to Improve an Academic Program at USC

Geriatric Mobile Trailer Van and Impact on Student Education

Comprehensive Dental Treatment in Patient with Advanced AIDS

Comprehensive Dental Treatment in a Patient with Complex Systemic Medical Conditions

Prevalence of Opioids Usage in Older Adults Dental Population

Efficacy of Saliva Substitutes and Stimulants in the Treatment of Dry Mouth

Drug Use by Age and Gender in Geriatric Patients