Professional Advancement Courses

One of the clinician’s biggest challenges is keeping up with the advances of the different disciplines in health sciences. In order to provide an educational alternative that offers training in specific subjects and develop particular skills, we offer the modality of Professional Advancement Courses.

We offer 1-unit and 2-units courses, and the student has access to recorded material and live sessions. Each week, there is an interactive recorded lecture with embedded activities as well as a discussion session with faculty and peers.

 Register for Professional Advancement Courses

To enroll in Professional Advancement Courses, you will need to:

  1. Contact our online program’s admission team at
  2. Fill out an application form
  3. Submit a $100 application fee

Please note: financial aid is not available for Professional Advancement Courses.

Spring 2023

COH-706 Foundations and Strategies in Health Education

Examines the impact of education in community health, identifying strategies to engage and empower the members of the community to achieve health and wellness.

COH-710 Health Assessment

Focusses on the importance of health assessment in order to understand the needs and priorities of a community. The concepts of vulnerability and inequality are addressed, identifying strategies to achieve appropriate health care and healthy communities.

GDEN 715 Geriatric Dentistry Issues 

Each session of the course will involve the study of a particular topic in Geriatric Dentistry, including prevention, diagnosis, dental restorative materials and treatment, as well as practice management and dental care delivery models.

OFPM-705 Neurogenic Based Oral and Facial Pains 

The purpose of this course is to discuss the prevalence, differential diagnosis, prevention and management (or referral as needed) for the various neurogenic orofacial pain disorders and headache disorders occurring in the oral, maxillofacial and neck regions.

PAIN 704 Pain and Society: Epidemiology and Cultural issues

This course explores the societal issues related to pain, including the role of culture, ethnicity, caregiving, social and psychological factors related to pain and pain management.

PAIN 705 Pain Assessment: History and Physical Examination

This course is designed to assist in evaluation of patients suffering from pain, distinguishing between types of pain that may be acute or chronic.

PAIN 706 Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Pathology

This course is an anatomical survey of the human musculoskeletal system, focused on common pathologies that generate pain.

PAIN 714 Public policy and Legal issues

This courses discus Public Policy and Legal Issues in Pain Medicine including the California Medical Board Guidelines for Pain Medication, CURES, and legislation related with the discipline.

PAIN 715 History of Pain: Theory and Treatment

In this course we will trace through history our collective understanding of pain by examining the people, theories, and technologies which have brought us to our modern understanding.

PAIN 716 Neuropathic Pain

This course will focus on pain caused by nervous system dysfunction with focus on assessment, physiology, diagnoses and treatment.


Last day to register for all spring 2023 courses is Monday, January 9th. 

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